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Automate your door

Automate Your Existing Door

If you already have an existing door and are looking to upgrade it with modern convenience, our automation services are the ideal solution. We specialize in seamlessly automating your current door.


Our state-of-the-art automation systems are designed for ease of use and can be integrated with various access control methods, such as remote control, keyless entry, or smartphone apps. With our expertise, you can enjoy the added convenience, security, and peace of mind that automation brings to your daily life, without the need for a complete door replacement.

Upgrade Your Security with Automated Doors

Automate your door


With an opening speed of Max 200mm/s, this drive is a brilliant performer.

Automate your door


This drive is quiet and calm thanks to a DC motor and tooth belt. 

Garage door


The low stand-by consumption contributes to sustainability. 

Electric door


Open with the touch of a button or automate frok your smart phone. 

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